First Priority POWER SHIFT

The first shift of its kind in South Carolina

First Priority recognizes that the standard shift models in EMS need a face lift. It seems you either work 24 hour shifts or 12 hour Kelly shifts and there are very few options for those who can’t make that work other than part-time. We also recognize that there are limited opportunities for those who need weekdays free, to pursue higher education or have childcare needs. With those people in mind we introduce the POWER SHIFT! The Power shift will be a 16 hour day shift, seven days a week, staffed by 3 crews.

The shift schedule is as follows:

The FIRST CREW will work 16 hours on Monday and Tuesday and 8 hours Wednesday evening.

  • 8am - Midnight — Monday and Tuesday
  • 4pm - Midnight — Wednesday

The SECOND CREW will work 8 hours Wednesday morning and 16 hours Thursday and Friday.

  • 8am - 4pm — Wednesday
  • 8am - Midnight — Thursday and Friday

The THIRD CREW will work 16 hours on Saturday and Sunday (Baylor Shift).

  • 8am - Midnight — Saturday and Sunday

If this schedule works well for you then come join the First Priority family and make EMS great again!

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